Equus Survival Trust

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The Equus Survival Trust is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the traditional traits and the genetic diversity of historical equine breeds (horses, ponies and donkeys) threatened with extinction. The Trust supports these breeds by engaging in collective conservation efforts, educational promotions, and by supporting the network of endangered breed equine associations, and enthusiasts around the globe, with special emphasis on North America and breeds unique to North America.


The Equus Survival Trust’s main thrust is providing grassroots education as it relates to endangered breed conservation:

(1) by creating or compiling new and existing public resources, and by organizing and/or supporting exhibitions, clinics and lectures and competitions or inspections that enhance conservation and preservation

(2) by focusing on supporting or creating conservation markets that enhance the survival of endangered equines while retaining the historical inner and outer characteristics of these breeds

(3) by maintaining an aggressive presence in the public eye, particularly in publications and on the Internet.