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To open in 2016


Hope Springs Forward Corporation is a budding non-profit looking to open sometime by December of 2016. While we are currently working on raising the capital needed to purchase our physical facility, we would eventually like to be home to several different programs, focusing on the following areas as outlined below.


Horse Rescue

Rehabilitation of abused, injured, mistreated, neglected and /or abandoned horses.
An adoption center seeking to find new, loving homes for our rescued horses.
Release of non-adoptable horses into the Wyoming Wild Horse Herds (WWHH).
A limited retirement facility for horses unable to be released to WWHH.
Education on proper horse care.
Public awareness of above issues.

Youth Camp (running several 4 day camps during the year)
Free to schools, churchs, Boy/Girl Scouts, Boys/Girls of America and/or other non-profits focusing on at-risk children and/or children with disabilities.

Yearly Wounded Warrior Event
A opportunity to allow wounded warriors a weekend on the ranch to help with the recovery of non-physical injuries.

Beef and bison raised for donation to homeless shelters
Using the land that the facility owns to raise beef and bison for the express purpose of donating the meat to shelters for the homeless.

Limited Dog Rescue
Limited dog rescue focusing on animals that would have the ability to be rehabilitated and adopted back out to families.
Training classes offered for the basic care and proper training and handling of dogs.

Limited Working Homeless Shelter
Utilizing the facility during the winter months to help homeless persons that are physically and mentally able to help run the ranch
Food and board would be provided
Each person would be provided 5 outfits of clothing
Each person would receive $150 a month for savings
Personnel hygiene items would be provided
A centralized phone for their use would be provided
Resume and assistance in job placement program

Other Species Rescue
Limited rescue of hoofed animals