Mane & Taill Therapeutic Horsemanship

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Our mission is to provide all people with disabilities the opportunity to learn horsemanship and horseback riding in a safe, nurturing environment.


MANE & TAILL is an acronym for Meeting All Needs with Equines & Teaching All Individuals Life Lessons. We provide the opportunity to learn horsemanship and horseback riding to all people with disabilities.

MANE & TAILL Therapeutic Horsemanship Academy was started by Sam Iulo, First Flight High School’s Special Education Teacher, who was amazed at how much the students in her class could benefit from learning about and riding horses. Sam completed the many demands necessary to become a NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped) certified instructor and is currently the volunteer instructor of the program.

MANE & TAILL Therapeutic Horsemanship serves children and adults with a variety of disabilities including physical, cognitive, and behavioral. There are no limits to how much a horse can benefit a person’s life and MANE & TAILL would like to make sure every person in Dare, Currituck and the surrounding areas has an opportunity to learn from these amazing animals. We are located in Poplar Branch, NC which is just a couple miles past the Grandy Food Lion in Currituck County.