Ride Like a Knight

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The Therapeutic Horsemanship program at St. Andrews is the first one of its kind in the United States. The program of study leads to a B. A. in Therapeutic Horsemanship, a degree which can open numerous career paths. And these career paths are within reach because of the strengths of St. Andrews. As a national liberal arts college that U.S. News & World Report ranks among the “Best National Liberal Arts Institutions,” St. Andrews has upheld its tradition of offering students a general education curriculum which has continually been recognized for its breadth and depth. And, in keeping with the college’s mission to encourage students to “transcend self-interest with a spirit of service,” St. Andrews students have a long tradition of caring. Students show dedication and compassion through their countless hours of community service with the “Ride-Like-A-Knight” Therapeutic Horsemanship program, and through their involvement with the Therapeutic Horsemanship Club.