Saving Grace Farm

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To Offer A Unique Opportunity For Human Empowerment, Connection, Healing And Joy Through Equine Relationship.


“Above All, Where Hope Is Wounded, Suture Its Torn Flesh With Compassion.  And Where The Scar Was, Will Be Stitched The Name Of Grace…”
(Calvin Miller, “Wind”)

Being in The presence of horses has a calming affect on people, allowing them to become more centered and focused in the present moment. Here at the farm, we provide a safe place for students And clients to form relationships with instructors, therapists, volunteers, and four-legged friends. We offer challenges and opportunities for success. The horses captivate our attention, opening hearts and minds so that learning can take place. They provide a strong point of connection, allowing us to become grounded and to realize our own true power. These kinds of benefits can be life-altering for anyone, in unique ways. Horses are truly among nature’s wisest of teachers.