One of the most wonderful things North Carolina is known for is the wild horses of the outer banks all the way from Cape Lookout north to Corolla. For close to 500 years these “Bankers” – Banker Strain Colonial Spanish Mustangs – have lived freely on the outer islands with little to no human interaction.

“Nobody knows for sure how they got here, or exactly when, but legends say they came to shore off of sinking ships” – Carolyn Mason

With the development of the United States it was crucial that these horses be protected and preserved as part of our colonial heritage.  There are two main herds in North Carolina, one in Corolla and one in the Shackleford banks.  The Corolla Wild Horse Fund and the Foundation for Shackleford Horses serve to protect them for future generations.

Protection often involves developing legislation, constant monitoring of the herds, and removal and adoption placement of injured horses into new homes once gentled.

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