Racehorse Rehoming

Every year tens of thousands of Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses are bred to be racehorses. Many of these horses have careers that end after just a few years and find themselves needing new careers.

Racehorse Rehoming organizations work with racehorse owners and racetracks to provide a safety net for horses that need new careers. They work to rehabilitate injured horses and retrain sound horses.

The model for these organizations is different than rescue organizations. These horses often are not coming from neglect or abuse situations, and simply need to learn a new job. While these horses can be sold or leased, their contracts often state that they are not allowed to race again. Many organizations retain the right of first refusal to buy back a horse that is offered for sale.

Ex-racehorses are superb athletes that can excel in a variety of disciplines including hunters, jumpers, eventing, dressage, barrel racing and more. The jobs they had as racehorses early in their lives make them easy to retrain for new careers with the help of a professional.

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